SALT has a very important role in our life, along with many other consumer products. Human needs SALT as a main nutrient like many others, but on the other hand salt is very crucial for industry and de-iceing too. KOYUNCU GROUP has almost 1.000 personel and gross income around 200.000.000 USD. KOYUNCU SALT , which is the locomotive company of the group, is the largest salt producer in Turkey with a capacity of more than 1.500.000 tons raw salt per year. Meinsalz is the beginning of our Europe structure. The purpose of the company is to meet our high quality products to European market and establish a connection between our business partners in Europe and Turkey head Office.Our products are as follows :

  • Raw Salt
  • Industrial Salt (Washed Salt)
  • Food (Table) Salt with granul size 1,2,3, coarse
  • Regenerated (Tablet) Salt
  • De-iceing (road salt)